Choose a challenge that captures your imagination and uses your skills. Build your team from participants interested in working on particular projects, or join an existing team.


Register on Cairo's page on the International website in order to be eligible to participate and work on a project over the course of the weekend.

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Once accepted, you will be able to attend the hackathon on 29th- 30th April, 2017 and collaborate to build software, hardware, data visualization, and any other solutions. All solutions must be submitted under an open source license that permits the free and open dissemination of the work. NASA and the other supporting organizations DO NOT own the rights, nor are they committed to utilize any solution developed during the event. See the Legal Statement for more details.

2017 Challenge: Earth

This year, our global community of thousands will be focused on tackling challenges that hit close to home...the theme for Space Apps 2017: Earth!

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